[Release] Itempack 4.0


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    [Release] Itempack 4.0

    Post by OGHgamer on Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:08 pm

    Here is the 4.0 items.pak for all of you who want to trade untradeables.
    This file removes client side restrictions, however many boss drops, rare remodels and pvp bonus items (such as ABG) require VIP to remove server side restrictions on trading. VIP costs 1,500 credits for 30 days and can be obtained here:

    You will need winrar to extract these, you can get it here

    Winrar -


    -Removes client side restrictions on trading
    -Enables storage of all items in warehouse
    -Enables storage of all items in account warehouse
    -Enables storage of all items in legion warehouse (if permitted server side)
    -Removes soul bind information
    -Allows all items to be sold to NPCs
    -Allows fusion of all 2-handed weapons
    -Allows dying of all items
    -Allows remodeling of all items within item type limits (cross-type remodeling disabled server side)

    Removing old files

    Warning - Older items.paks will not display all the latest items

    Due to the changes in 3.5-4.0, it is required to remove any old modified items.pak as the file structure changed and older items.paks do not include any of the new items. To start, delete the contents of this folder:



    1. Make sure your Aion\Data\USA\items\ folder is empty and that Aion\Data\items\ only contains the original items.pak. If it has lots of files, delete everything else except for the items.pak.
    2. Extract the items.pak (found below) into your Aion\Data\USA\items\ folder, right click and choose "extract here"
    Note: This folder might not exist in some clients, you might have to create it yourself
    3. Try run the game
    4. If you get errors, delete everything in your Aion\Data\USA\items\ folder and check that your game works
    5. If it works, you can try the Loose Files version or play without it and leave a comment so I can look into it. If it does not work, repair your client through the NCsoft launcher.
    6. If it still doesn't work then delete your item.pak in Aion/Data/Items - run the NCSoft Aion launcher again then go back to step 1. Alternatively you can download the Original 4.0 item.pak below and place that in Aion/Data/Items

    Compressed version:

    Items.pak - Items40V1.rar

    This version should work for everyone as NCsoft broke down the xml into several smaller ones. If by any chance it does not work, leave a comment and I will add the remaining versions for you to try.

    Loose Files

    Items.pak - Items40V2.rar

    If you really cannot get the first version to work, delete the first version from Aion\Data\USA\items\ and extract this one inside instead


    Items.pak - Items40Original.rar

    If you screwed up your Aion\data\Items\ folder, delete everything inside it and extract the original there.

    Known Issues

    -Items showing ???? in their descriptions, close Aion and launch it again with the GamezAion official launcher. You're missing update files from Gamez.
    -Fused weapons will not be tradeable/storeable in account warehouse as they are not a part of the items.pak
    -Everybody not seeing icons for new files, make sure your Aion\Data\Items\ folder only contains the original items.pak (43,387kb). If it has any other files, delete them, they are leftovers from the old modified items.pak
    -Everybody not seeing new item names and unable to link new items go to Aion\L10N\1_enu\data\ and delete zData.pak. It is outdated and the gamez launcher will download a newer version on next run.
    -Cannot drag medals and coins to inventory or they disappear on right click - not a bug, NCsoft added a special cube for these items and quest items located at the bottom of your inventory next to kinah icon. Either right click items to put them there, or drag them there directly.


    I would appreciate if people left feedback with regard to any issues they might have.

    Have fun ^^

    version 1
    original file


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    Re: [Release] Itempack 4.0

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    pega ncsfoth ?

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    Re: [Release] Itempack 4.0

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    level015 wrote:pega ncsfoth ?

    any private server
    supports 3.5 - 4.0 client


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    Re: [Release] Itempack 4.0

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