AVA Public Hack v2.3 - Aimbot | ESP | Antikick & More - UPDATE


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    AVA Public Hack v2.3 - Aimbot | ESP | Antikick & More - UPDATE

    Post by AMonsterAJ1 on Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:35 am

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    -Optimized Aimbot
    -Optimized Triggerbot
    -Fixed Slider bugs
    -Fixed all known Menu bugs
    -Removed One Position Kill
    -Removed Kick Random Enemy
    -Removed all not working functions
    -Added simple Debugger Protection
    -Added Remove Impact Effect
    -Added Remove Muzzle Flash
    -Added Remove Flash Effect
    -Added Remove Smoke
    -Fixed Instant Fire for less crashes resulted by it
    -Added Information Message at Startup
    -Optimized ESP for less FPS lags
    -Moved Credits to the Settings tab
    -Removed Auto Scope because of bugs
    -Updated Projectile ESP to display the Projectile type

    I'm not responsible if you get banned.

    This hack may not work on 32bit systems and Windows 8! If it does then you're lucky, if not then don't post anything about it instead of spamming the thread.

    Attention: To be able to use this hack, you need to download and install the Microsoft Redistributable Package: Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 from Official Microsoft Download Center.
    You also need to download .NET Framework 4.0:
    If it's still giving MSVCR110.dll or MSVCP110.dll errors after the Redistributable Package installation, install the other Redistributable Packages:


    Aimbot: Aims for you.

    -Auto Aim: Check this to let the Aimbot aim automatically, otherwise press the selected Aim Key to aim.

    -Triggerbot: Check this to let the hack fire automatically when you are aiming on an enemy player.

    -Limit FOV Angle: Check this to let the Aimbot aim only if the target is standing within the selected FOV Angle.

    -Smoothing: Check this to let the Aimbot aim smoothly.

    ESP: Makes you able to see things through walls.

    -Box ESP: Draws a 2D or 3D box around the target.

    -Health ESP: Draws a health bar on the right side of the target.

    -Num(eric) Health ESP: Draws the current HP of the target above it's head.

    -Name ESP: Draws the target's name over it's head.

    -Distance ESP: Draws a value under the target which makes you able to see how far the target is away from you.

    -Snap Lines: Draws a 2D line between the bottom middle of your screen and the target.

    -Weapon ESP: Draws the target's weapon name under the target

    -DogTag ESP: Displays where DogTags are.

    -Pickup ESP: Displays where Pickups are.

    -Projectile ESP: Displays where Projectiles (Grenades, Rockets, Bubbles...) are.

    Underwater: Let's the game look like you are playing underwater.

    Add Dog Tags: Gives you tons of dog tags as long as the function is activated.

    UAV Enemy (For All): Automatically UAV's the enemy (Also visible for other players in your team).

    Spam Bot: Spams the game chat.

    Antikick(/Report): Makes other players unable to kick you ingame. When this function gets enabled before joining a game, the players are also unable to report you (You can check this if you can see your name and an empty loading bar on the top right of the screen ingame). When you get kicked ingame while having this function activated, you will automatically switch your team instead of getting kicked (Known bugs: Sometimes you do not get any rewards after a game).

    No Spread: Removes the weapon spread.

    No Recoil: Removes the weapon recoil.

    Crosshair: Draws a crosshair in the middle of your screen.

    Superweapons: Every weapon shot fires as many bullets as you set with the Superweapons Bullet Amount Per Shot slider on the Settings tab.

    Follow Projectiles: Lets you see the game from the perspective of your Grenades, RPG Rockets....

    Rapid Knife: Changes the firing rate of your knife to the firing rate you have set with the Knife Hit Delay slider on the Settings tab.

    UAV Enemy: Does the same like UAV Enemy (For All) but other players in your team cannot see it.

    Instant Fire: Gives your current weapon an extremely high firing rate (Only for weapons that fire bullets).

    No Weapon Bob: Removes the weapon bob.

    Remove Impact Effect: Removes the bullet impact effect.

    Remove Muzzle Flash: Removes the weapon muzzle flash.

    Remove Flash Effect: Removes the grenade flash effect.

    Remove Smoke: Removes the grenade smoke effect and all other types of smoke.


    Credits for the SDK: TheFeckless, HOOAH07, uNrEaL, Tamimego, SystemFiles, R00T88, _silencer, the1domo, K@N@VEL, lowHertz
    Credits for the hooking toolkit: Casual_Hacker
    Additional Credits: Jeon, zZzeta/S


    1.)Run the .exe
    2.)Wait for the "Waiting for AVA..." window to appear
    3.)Start AVA
    4.)If the Hack Loader window closes after starting AVA, the hack is successfully injected.
    5.)Use the ingame menu to enable/disable the functions. Toggle the menu with the HOME / Pos1 key.
    6.)If the injection keeps failing try to inject with a different injection delay.


    1.)Start this hack BEFORE starting AVA.
    2.)ONLY working for UAVA hosted by AeriaGames.

    Please report any bugs you find in this thread!

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    Re: AVA Public Hack v2.3 - Aimbot | ESP | Antikick & More - UPDATE

    Post by surewin on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:28 am

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    Re: AVA Public Hack v2.3 - Aimbot | ESP | Antikick & More - UPDATE

    Post by [Aeria]admin on Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:42 am

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    Re: AVA Public Hack v2.3 - Aimbot | ESP | Antikick & More - UPDATE

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