Macro Pack (QuickSwitch-QuickScope-Crouch-Walk-Tap) UPDATE MAY 7,2014


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    Macro Pack (QuickSwitch-QuickScope-Crouch-Walk-Tap) UPDATE MAY 7,2014

    Post by AMonsterAJ1 on Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:14 am

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    Macro Pack (QuickSwitch-QuickScope-Crouch-Walk-Tap) UPDATE
    I added some new features to the macro combo I already have released.

    New stuff:

    Weapon selection tracking - the program will track what weapon you have selected based on the mouse wheel movement, the number keys, and the switch weapon key. It will turn off and on the quickswitch and quickscope macros according to if you are on your primary weapon [note: you can manually reactivate it using the same key to turn it on normally]. I only accounted for 1 grenade, and no binoculars, so if you throw a grenade, or pull out the binoculars, press the 1 key to reset the macro correctly. Also, if it bugs [sometimes AVA will lag], press the 1 key to reset it.

    Voice commands/ chat - If you press the z, x, or c key, it will pause the activation and deactivation of the quickswitch and quickscope macros, because they use the 7, 8, 9, and 0 keys to turn on and off. This will allow you to x9 without accidentally activating the quickscope macro. [note: the program will tell you when the chat box or commands are activated and deactivated. Also note that you need to press the 7, 8, 9, and 0 keys slightly longer for them to register; this is so the program does not catch them when you are using the voice commands]
    Only using certain macros - When the program starts, you can chose which macros you will want to use. There are 5 to select from, and you can activate any number of them (besides 0). This will allow you to cut down on the time spent on macro settings that you won't need

    Easier macro setting - When selecting the keys to use for your quickswitch/ walk/ crouch macros, rather than typing in the key to use, you can just press the key. The program will detect what key you pressed, and set it for you. This is especially handy for the crouch macro if you use the left control key. No more need to type that whole thing out [note: sometimes a key will get stuck and the program will pick up on that and set your key to it before you can choose. If that happens, press the key to un-stick it, and restart the program].

    "Normal macro" - Since you have to set your fire button to the middle mouse button, you cannot use the left mouse button to fire. I added a function that will click the middle mouse button for you if you press the left mouse button. This will allow you to turn off all the other macros if you don't want them on right then, and fire normally. Activate it using the K and L keys.

    How To Use:

    1) Choose your quickswitch key
    2) Key 7 to activate, key 8 to deactivate
    3) Point, click, and kill

    1) Choose your quickswitch key
    2) Choose your scope speed
    3) Key 9 to activate, key 0 to deactivate
    4) Point, click, and kill

    1) Choose if you want to burst, and if so, set the wait time between bursts/ amount of bursts
    2) Choose how many clicks per second [some guns will not shoot as fast as you set, that is a limitation of the gun, not the macro]
    3) Home to activate, end to deactivate
    4) Point, click, and kill

    1) Choose your crouch key
    2) Up arrow to activate, down arrow to deactivate
    3) Point, click, and kill

    1) Choose your walk key
    2) Left arrow to activate, right arrow to deactivate
    3) Point, click, and kill

    1) K key to activate, L key to deactivate
    2) Point, click, and kill

    Virus scans:
    Note to admins: I included the DLLs necessary to run the program. They are the same 2 from before

    Download and Thanks May 7,2014

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