[Detected]- [BETA] Dibesjr Macro V0.8 | Quick Adjustable Macro | Flawless Quickswitch


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    [Detected]- [BETA] Dibesjr Macro V0.8 | Quick Adjustable Macro | Flawless Quickswitch

    Post by AMonsterAJ1 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:05 pm

    Hey guys, i'm releasing my macro that I just built in the past few days. I re-made it because my old-old-old one was really unstable and was poorly made so I stripped it and re-coded it from the ground up to increase it's stability and make it so I can easily add features onto it.

    It's Current Features are as follows:
    Simple Macro
    Flawless Quickswitching
    Y Mouse Movement (Moves mouse down vertically as you shoot)
    You can refer to my video for a quick brief rundown and showcase of the features

    To get it setup:
    In your option->controls set your fire button to Middle Mouse Button (which is pressing down on your scroll wheel)
    Just run my AVA macro as admin (it should already be setup to force admin priviledges).
    You can also refer to my video for visual instructions!
    *Note to mods: It wouldnt let me upload the exe so I zipped the macro, hope that is alright!


    Downloadable Files [Download and Thanks] #!l9sQlTTD!xrKfpLcAl8bZx5rn2EQ64X8_w-NulwdOzEtp_ok7mcs #!l9sQlTTD!xrKfpLcAl8bZx5rn2EQ64X8_w-NulwdOzEtp_ok7mcs

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