PlayDGN/DN Sea Trainer


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    PlayDGN/DN Sea Trainer

    Post by Angel on Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:33 pm

    Hello guys. Sem break comes.... Much more time for making trainers and discovering more hacks. :]

    This is a new trainer I've made, it has the same function as Hanrock's trainer dll. But this time it is much accessible. You can actually SWITCH which DN Client you really want to attach the trainer. It uses PID's process to access the DN's memory to make the hack work. Much good for those multiclient hackers. :] You dont have to use injectors or what ever software it is. :]

    Here's the preview. It is packed with both as well. Some features remove from the previous. And some are added.

    ~ So how is this gonna work?
    First is to Run your client of course, then your trainer.

    Next is to open your task manager and look for your DN Client's PID# [If you task manager dont have PID, you can google it how to enable it.]

    After that.. Click on the Attach->Attach and right one the PID# on the input box.

    After that your free and now can bot/hack..

    For the guide. It you can actually press the (?) on the trainer.

    AND oh! Btw, my greatest Release, the pre-enabled multiclient "DragonNest.exe" ^_^ Use no more for Process Hacker. And Use no more for SANDBOXIE! Cheerssssssss!


    How to:
    1] Unrar and paste the "DragonNest.exe" into your DN folder.
    2] Right click and your desktop -> New -> Shortcut. A new window will open.
    3] Paste this.

    Where <Your DN Location> is the location of your PDN/DNSea client. E.g "D:\PDN\Dragon Nest"

    credits @xkhen0017



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    Re: PlayDGN/DN Sea Trainer

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