Wot Bot - Auto leveler


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    Wot Bot - Auto leveler

    Post by Angel on Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:53 pm

    MBot - WoT (
    Automatically logs you into the game (AFK Bot)

    How To:

    1. - Start and login "WoT" in: FULL SCREEN - WINDOWS MODE.
    2. - Start MBot
    3. - Click on the "Power Button" and follow the instructions.

    I recommend you to create your own profile, make your work easier.

    How To Video: (1080p - HD)


    Last patch notes:

    - Language order fix. (RU x SK)
    - Language save in profile add.
    - Windows control core implemented.
    - Windows process state chcek implemeted.
    - Work with PC while botting now possible.
    - Percent control deactivated.
    - CPU load reduction.
    - All languages bug fixed.
    - Find existing profile after start includet.
    - Improved security against errors.
    - New Graphic for better resolution included.
    - New menu with settings.
    - New percent bar.
    - New program ready control.
    - New start button.
    - New program icon.
    - New player profile (1400) includet.
    - New background.


    [URL=""].NET Framework 4.5[/URL]

    Virus Scan:

    [URL=""]Virus Total[/URL]
    [URL=""]Jotti [/URL]

    I want to thank everyone for thir support.
    MBot already got over the border 1000 downloads.

    Use at own risk. Let me know if any problem, Thx.

    credits @Tmthetom


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